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Madame Hydra (Viper) Drawing - Signed art by Jim Steranko · Captain America FN+ *1 * "Death" of Madame HYDRA! · Marvel Legends Madame Hydra Custom Fodder. Madame Hydra (Viper; Arnim Zola Series). Название серии игрушек, в которой вышла данная игрушка. Серия: Marvel Legends. Madame Hydra (Viper; Arnim Zola Series). Название серии игрушек, в которой вышла данная игрушка. Serie: Marvel Legends. Название фирмы, что выпустило данную.

Madame hydra viper

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Viper next organized her own terrorist cell and employed the mutant warrior the Silver Samurai as her bodyguard. Hoping to unravel the mysteries of her origin, Spider-Woman tracked Viper down to confront her and was tossed into this dimension and seemingly forced to confront Chthon.

The elder god wanted to use Spider-Woman to emerge on Earth, but Viper ultimately defied Chthon, with the help of the force of will of Spider-Woman, who resisted Chthon long enough for Viper to ultimately free herself from his thrall. She blamed Spider-Woman for this violation of her mind, and tried to seek revenge.

Soon after, Viper and the Silver Samurai clashed with the New Mutants when they attempted to coerce the motorcycle stunt riding Team America into stealing the Cavorite crystal. She poisoned the water supply in Washington D. Viper subsequently entered into a brief alliance with the murderous Red Skull.

However, this alliance was short lived as the two criminals soon double-crossed each other. When the throne of Madripoor was left without an heir, Viper brainwashed many of the women closest to Wolverine in order for them to capture and bring him to her. She reminded him of his old debt to Seraph, their mutual mentor. Following his code of giri, or honorable debt, Wolverine agreed to marry the Viper. Soon after, the Viper was installed as the ruling princess of Madripoor.

After failing to possess Wolverine, Ogun possessed Viper. In return for ensuring she received medical treatment, Wolverine made the Viper agree to divorce him. During this time, the Viper must have had plastic surgery to repair her facial scarring, as she no longer bore scars on the right side of her face. Her reign was subsequently challenged by the alien warlord Khan.

Viper helped organize a resistance force against an attempted alien invasion of Earth which had made its beachhead in Madripoor. Viper ran afoul of the X-Men, and betrayed their leader, Storm, who was subsequently captured by the aliens.

Ultimately, the invasion was repelled by the X-Men and the Avengers. Viper returned to ruling Madripoor. When Tony Stark was head of S. After seeing Viper in her palace, where both tried to outsmart each other, Viper ordered Roughhouse and Bloodscream to kill Iron Man, but they failed. Tony Stark then turned the public against Viper and helped Tyger Tiger to become the next ruler. Madame Viper is the secondary antagonist in the live-action film The Wolverine. She was portrayed by Svetlana Khodchenkova.

She is portrayed by Mallory Jansen , who portrays Aida , seemingly as her alternate-reality counterpart. She is seemingly killed by X while trying to escape from her in a hovering vehicle, with the child having placed explosives all around the interior; her fate is unknown, but she is presumed deceased.

Madame Viper is shown to be a completely aggressive, remorseless, schizophrenic, materialistic, cantankerous, egotistical, vindictive, impatient, paranoid, sadistic, brutal, mean, greedy, violent, uncaring, murderous, sociopathic, manipulative, unmerciful, iniquitous, selfish, cruel, rude, and evil woman whose lust for power and conquest rivals that of fellow Hydra leaders Red Skull and Baron Strucker.

She can and will cross any moral line in the pursuit of her goals, and became one of the most wanted criminals in the world when she horribly mutated 8, people in Symkaria, which earned her a death sentence from that country. Being a classic nihilist, Madame Viper is also completely intolerant of failure, and every agent who has ever failed her has been executed without delay. For all of her capacity for cruelty though Madame Viper is also driven, determined, cunning, and ambitious, and these traits mixed with her complete lack of redeeming qualities makes her a dangerous threat indeed.

See Also Agent Carter Villains. Television Dormammu Dracula Kingpin. Red Skull , M. Comics Absorbing Man A. See Also War Machine Villains. Jonah Jameson Venom Mysterio. Jonah Jameson. Comics Abomination Absorbing Man A. Octopus Dr. Ethan Warren M. In return for seeking medical attention to save her life, Wolverine demanded a divorce. Viper was then a member of an incarnation of the Hellfire Club , working with Courtney Ross , briefly under the title "White Warrior Princess".

She has also retaken the name "Madame Hydra". In Secret Warriors 12 , Viper is kidnapped by the mysterious group Leviathan, who are determined to find out the location of a mysterious box that both she and Madame Hydra procured from the Yashidas. Madame Hydra then shot Viper to death. Madame Hydra later led an attack on Avengers Tower while the team is away. She and the rest of her forces are defeated by Angel and his younger self from earlier in the timestream.

In " Death of Wolverine ", she was revealed by Nuke as the "Green Queen" and current leader of Madripoor who sent out a contract to capture Wolverine. During the " Secret Empire " storyline, Viper attends the meeting of the HYDRA High Council and talks about the opening of two new detention facilities to double the amount of Inhumans held in indefinite custody.

When Viper figures out that Widow is planning to kill Hydra Supreme, Viper tries to persuade Widow to join up with her enterprise. Mindblast suggests that they put a bounty on the ones that escaped, stating that every gang member in Lowtown will be looking for them. Viper states that she will discuss with her client on where to proceed next and to deposit Rogue and Storm to the client as "special guests.

The representative tells Viper that Sapphire Styx tends to prefer the life force of the mutants and tells Viper to focus on delivering the package as all that they are serves the will of Soteira. Viper calls Knockout and Mindblast away from the prisoners to help deal with Sapphire. After hearing that the launch site for the rocket bound for Soteira is under attack, Viper gives the orders to launch it now.

In the pages of the Ravencroft miniseries, Viper is seen as a member of J. Viper has no superhuman abilities but her strength, speed, reflexes, agility, dexterity, coordination, balance and endurance are on the order of an Olympic athlete. She is a great swordsman and even greater marksman with most long range weapons, and has extensive training in hand-to-hand combat.

Viper occasionally employs poisoned weapons with snake-motifs, such as venomous darts or artificial fangs filled with poison. She utilizes experimental weaponry, including a ring that enables teleportation, and in X-Treme X-Men , she made use of razor-sharp claw attachments apparently built into her gloves.

She is also a master of stealth and espionage. Perhaps her greatest strengths are her influence, the financial resources at her disposal due to her stature in organized crime , and an uncanny luck which has allowed her to cheat death in situations where lesser people would have died. Viper may or may not have supernaturally augmented longevity. Viper is usually armed with various ray pistols and conventional handguns.

She has also used various other special weaponry, including poison-tipped throwing darts, knives, and whips. She has sharpened and elongated canine teeth with hollows inside them. She keeps a special poison in them, to which she has an immunity. For a brief time, Chthon replaced her right eye with a black orb capable of projecting persons into a magical dimension.

One of the alternate dimensions that is visited in Exiles has been overtaken by a version of Madame Hydra. However, before the Exiles can exact retribution, Madame Hydra and her lackeys escape into the omniverse to seek out other worlds to conquer.

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